Day Job

A Story of Chasing Dreams.





Day Job Doc is a film that follows the gruelling process of three start-up companies in Toronto’s Extreme Startups Accelerator. The film explores the real life stories of these entrepreneurs as they build their idea into a startup company – each facing their own set of unique challenges over the intense 12-week program.

In the heart of Toronto where many start-ups are born, Jeremy Potvin, (CEO of Shifthub), Jayesh Parmar (CEO of Picatic), and Nima Garidideh (CTO of Venio)  reveal their stories of hardships, sacrifice, and perseverance  as they realize that  chasing their dream requires a 24/7 commitment.

Behind every great product or service are individuals with big aspirations and the courage to see them through. We’ve created this film to share their inspiring stories and reveal the [unglamorous] truth – hardships, sacrifice, and perseverance – behind this demanding journey. We are optimistic that in our fast-paced, attention starved world, where we have become obsessed with ‘the end result’, that we have not forgotten the most important part of creation: the process itself. Our hope is that we inspire people to chase their own dreams, no matter how difficult or daunting the journey seems.



The movers and shakers of the world. They make up the second cohort of Extreme Startups and are building tech startups that hope to change everything.


We are Fidelity Format, a creative production studio with a passion for crafting moving pictures. Day Job is a little project of ours currently in
the post-production stage, and will be our first feature production. We’re hoping to release the film to everyone sometime in 2013.

We would also like to give a heartfelt thanks to all 45 supporters on Indiegogo who believed in us right from the start. Thank you to Ian King, Justin Jones, Jordan Mayes, Lorena Chan, Murray McKercher, Jason Florentino, Herbert Lui, Matti Ranta, Stephen Cosman, Boris Chan, Ben Zifkin, Mark Cline, Joann Chan, Ashish Bidadi, Ravi Gummadi, Karim Rabiey, Peter Dassenko, Chris Ye, Michael Mak, Nima Halfmoon, Yat Chang, Craig Morantz, Peter Sum, Jordan Saxe, Jet Cooper, Peter Newhook, Matthew Roberts, Ial Sharma, Karen Manchur, Cody Barnett, Joe Mellin, Jayesh Parmar, Jonathon Abrametz, Sunil Sharma, Mimi Ng, Matthew Willis, Cheryl Ho, Brett Ede, James Sapara, Abhilash J, Dan Kalmar, Andy Yang, Brett Shellhammer, Michale Kyllönen, Tim Yeung, Jon Lim, and Roxanna Keshavarznia. Without your support, Day Job would have never gotten this far, thank you for believing in us and in this project. You guys are the best!


Day Job is made with ♥ by Fidelity Format  Toronto, Canada

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